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Silverado Equine believes in the use of modern Western medicine supplemented with
traditional Chinese acupuncture for a balanced horse. With each treatment, our focus is to prolong your horse’s health, athletic life and happiness.
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Silverado Equine provides support in importing and exporting horses domestically and internationally. A fluent speaker of Spanish, Dr. Camille Knopf has extensive experience in Latin American Countries such as Argentina and the Dominican Republic as well as European countries including Spain.

When importing or exporting horses across the US, there are several guidelines that a buyer or seller must abide by. Often times a veterinarian is required for these transactions. We work with both parties to make the process as smooth as possible. For international transactions, the process can become much more complicated. Some of our importing and exporting services include:

  • Domestic and International Pre-Purchase Exams
  • Heath Certificates
  • Coggin's Tests
  • Language Support for Latin American Countries
  • Pre-Purchase Consultations

For more information on these services, please contact us today at 916-995-9141 or contact us here.


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