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Silverado Equine believes in the use of modern Western medicine supplemented with
traditional Chinese acupuncture for a balanced horse. With each treatment, our focus is to prolong your horse’s health, athletic life and happiness.
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Top performance horses have the unique task of being asked to perform at their highest potential almost every time they are ridden.The demands on a performance horse make it critical that your horse is healthy and sound, both mentally and physically, so that it can perform to its highest potential. Silverado Equine provides several services for clients who compete including competition day acupuncture treatments and comprehensive wellness plans to keep your horse competing to its top level. In most equine competition associations, the use of performance enhancing drugs, steroids and stimulants is regulated and the rules are strictly enforced. Equine Acupuncture is a viable and popular method for performance enhancement, musculo-skeletal issues and to ease anxiety at time of competition. It is a healthy and effective alternative to many medications. Silverado Equine offers the following services catered specifically to the performance horse. Please contact us for any additional services that you may require.

  1. Pre-Competition Physical Exams and Consulting
  2. Acupuncture Treatments
  3. Health Certifications / Drug Certifications
  4. On-Site Standby Services
  5. On-Call Services

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